Where are you off to these holidays?
Don't be caught empty handed!

You can get one of these fantastic Travel Packs from our Travel Doc Travel Clinic

Travel Pack

You will be covered for:

Pain and fever

* Thermometer
* Panado
* Calpol

Fungal infection and nappy rash

* Nystacid ointment

Topical allergic reactions, mosquito bites and bee stings

* Allergex

For burns, wound care, splinters and sprains

* Savlon
* Cotton swabs and Earbuds
* Bactroban
* Plasters
* Crepe bandage
* Tweezer
* Burnshield

In addition: Hand sanitiser, Rehydrate and Tabard stick.

Only R450 for all this in a soft, easy to carry and pack bag.
Travel Doc also offers an all inclusive travel kit containing EVERYTHING you would need should you get sick on holiday. This can only be offered in conjunction with a travel consultation. Our Travel Doc will also be available to you via whatsapp or phone to offer you support while away.