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Yellow Fever in Brazil Jan/Feb 2018

Brazil has reported 83 cases and 28 deaths from yellow fever since 24 January 2018. These cases occurred in São Paolo (47), Minas Gerais (27) and Rio de Janeiro (9) states. The total from July 2017 to 30 January 2018 now stands at 1 080 cases. Of these, 213 cases are laboratory confirmed, with 81 deaths.

Media quoting Brazilian health authorities advise visitors to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival avoid sightseeing at waterfalls and forests, as these areas present a risk of yellow fever transmission. Authorities say the risk remains low in Rio de Janeiro city.

Recent expansion of yellow fever into the municipality of Sao Paulo and the municipalities of Greater São Paulo (Cajamar, Caieiras, Mairipora, Franco da Rocha, Guarulhos, and Itapecerica da Serra), indicate high risk for non-immunized people. The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers all of São Paulo State as being at risk of yellow fever transmission.

Advice to travellers

There is a widespread risk of yellow fever in Brazil, including São Paulo City.
Yellow fever risk areas in Brazil are shown below.
A traveller’s risk of yellow fever is determined by their general risk assessment e.g. country visited, length of stay, city or rural, activities etc.
Mosquito bite avoidance rules should be adhered to at all times – the mosquito that spreads yellow fever bites predominantly during the day. Click here for taking precautions against mosquito bites.
Yellow fever vaccine is recommended for travellers to areas at risk of yellow fever (including São Paulo City) unless contraindicated.

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Yellow Fever Affected Areas in Brazil

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