Travel Doc - Travel Clinic is licensed by the Dept. of Health to offer Yellow Fever vaccination and a member of the South African Society of Travel Medicine (SASTM)

We offer advice on all travel related health issues and vaccinations

We are notified of disease outbreaks or unrest situations when they occur and keep up to date with international events

Services We Offer:

  • Travel related health advice for business and recreational travelers to destinations all over the world
  • Vaccinations for Yellow fever and certification as required by WHO and Dept.of Health.
  • Malaria advice and chemoprophylaxis as appropriate.
  • Meningitis vaccination.
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccination.
  • Typhoid vaccination.
  • Tetanus and Polio vaccination. These are administered together with pertussis and diphtheria as a quadrivalent vaccine.
  • Influenza vaccination.
  • Cholera vaccination as appropriate.
  • Rabies vaccination also offered as deemed appropriate.
  • Advice for special needs travelers eg. disabled, elderly,children, diabetics, frail.
  • Medicals


Operating Hours – 24/7

You can call 24/7 via our call center: 011 321 1404, or consulting rooms 011 440-5325 / 6

Physical Address:

236 Athol Rd, Highlands North Ext 2, Johannesburg.